Inspired by Gordon Parks,
my camera is my weapon of choice
to capture moments where
humanity happens.

Amir is a documentary photographer with a social justice lens focused primarily on challenging the narrative of Black and Brown people portrayed by the mainstream media. He mainly shoots documentary style in black and white. He likes the timelessness of black and white photos and the juxtaposition of the current fight for justice with those being fought during the Civil Rights Era.

He came to this work in response to the current era of police violence, including the loss of a friend killed by police. He is inspired by Gordon Parks, Carrie Mae Weems, Eli Reed, Ruddy Roye and others who bring awareness to the diverse lived experiences of communities of color. His photos serve to reframe the message and to bring attention to the injustices impacting people of color.

Amir attended Howard University where he received his degree in Political Science and African American History.

All pictures taken by Amir Saadiq